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The problem that we identified was that the New Zealand  public were travelling more and more but becoming increasingly concerned with how their holidays, business trips and weekends away were potentially negatively impacting the countries and communities that they were visiting. We believe that with the help of the Sustainable Travel Co. our valued clients can have a net positive effect on where they visit.


Sustainable Travel Co. was founded by two seasoned travellers, explorers and all round travel experts Andy Eames and Josh Nicholson.

In 2016 Andy came up with an idea for a sustainable travel company with the aim of helping traveller’s see the world with the minimum of environmental impact. It was a company designed to offer everyone the ability to travel and at the same time know that they are making a difference themselves. It would promote authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture and create socio-economic benefits for local people through employment and income earning opportunities.

In 2021 former colleague Josh Nicholson approached Andy with his ideas for a niche travel agency specialising in slow travel tours where customers explore destinations in depth and focus on experiencing the local culture, people and businesses. They realised that their philosophy on travel and what they were trying to achieve aligned and Sustainable Travel Co. was born. 


Sustainable Travel is made up of a small team of passionate travel experts who are trying to help people explore the world in a more conscious way. We can't wait to hear from you!


Andy Eames

Co-founder & Sustainable Travel Expert

Andy Eames first entered the travel industry in 2001 a few months before 9/11. In the past 21 years he has experienced many ups and downs in the travel industry but throughout this time one thing has remained constant - his desire to help people see new things and experience new places. Andy has visited 52 countries and loves Belize, Guatemala, London and the Appalachian mountains to name but a few places.

Andy believes traveling is great for mental health.


Contact Andy directly on 021652784


Josh Nicholson

Co-founder & Sustainable Travel Expert

Josh has over 10 years experience in the New Zealand travel market, and has a passion for slow travel, getting off the beaten path and eating and drinking with the locals. This philosophy has seen him complete the Camino de Santiago 800Km walk across northern Spain, the 7 day Kumano Kodo walk in Japan and a cheeky trek to base camp in Nepal. He is passionate about low impact tourism and the ways that travelers can help protect the planet's vulnerable resources. 

Contact Josh directly on 0277727279


Poppy Mansell

Sustainable Travel Expert

Poppy is a highly skilled and highly motivated travel professional with over a decade experience in booking trips for her loyal client base. She has a Masters Degree in Archaeology and likes nothing more than digging for bones on a Greek Island. She is highly regarded in a number of Facebook groups including "Flying Kiwis' and regularly goes the extra mile to ensure that she delights her customers.  

Contact Poppy directly on 0210643904

Contact Poppy directly on 0210643904



Gemma Jackson

Sustainable Travel Expert

Gemma has over 10 years' experience in travel and loves travelling herself as much as she enjoys helping others explore the world on their dream trip! Gemma has travelled across Europe, South America and Africa along with a trip to Antartica and enjoys all types of travel from self drive trips through Europe to camping trips in Africa.


Contact Gemma directly on 021993836

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